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#1 Old 6th Dec 2018 at 09:13 PM
Sims 2 Download View Issues
The Sims 2 section of the downloads area has had issues for quite some time now. When visiting the section, the first page only has a single download showing of replacement plantSim skins. The second page is empty. The third page only shows three downloads and it is not correct until you get to page four which shows the first full page of downloads. Unless you realise that the page numbering goes past two, or if you are an existing user of the site, it appears as though there is only a single download available for TS2.
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#2 Old 6th Dec 2018 at 11:21 PM
Anyone else having problems? It appears normal for me.
#3 Old 7th Dec 2018 at 03:28 PM
I'm having the same issue as OP.
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