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Hi, I just got to this site and currently I am only interested in having anatomically correct sims. (I may look into the other stuff eventually.) Anyway, I found a page where i could download some skins, I can download the files just fine, but when I click "install instructions" there is nothing there. I have no idea where to put the files once I've downloaded them and for some reason that part is blank. The one I found is by CmarNYC and it's EA Skins with adult anatomical details. I've downloaded a lot of Nraas mods and I was wondering, do these just go into that same file location or is there somewhere else I'm supposed to put these types of files?
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Hello, I am Jack and I come from Poland...
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Hola, soy nuevo en este foro.
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hi, i'm new too. i'm a bit confuse on the liks...sometimes it works, sometimes not
8th Jun 2019 at 03:50 PM
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