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STEP 8: Extracting The TS3 Mesh and Textures

Alt text
display names tags

Now that you've cloned your package, extract the the mesh and textures.

  • Open S3pe
  • Prep S3pe - At the bottom of s3pe, put a check in the Display Names and Tags boxes
  • Click File and Select Open
  • Navigate to your new TS3 cloned package and Open it.
  • You can stretch the name column out by clicking on the line between Name and Tag.
  • Click on the TAG column heading to sort them.


Export Textures to IMG folder

Alt text
export IMG files
  • SHIFT and CLICK to Select all the IMG files.
  • Click on Resource (top of screen)
  • Select Export | to File
  • Save all the IMG files and put them in the IMG working folder and click OK


Export Mesh Parts

Alt text
export mesh parts
  • Look under the TAGs column.
  • Select all 3 MLOD and the MODL TAGs
  • Export them all together to the to the main working folder
  • Minimize or close S3pe for now.


Move MLOD/MODL files into their own folders

Alt text
Move MLODs and MODL files into correct folders
  • Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to your working folder.
  • Notice that each MLOD/MODL Group has it's own number.
    • Move 00000000 MLOD to the MLOD-00000 folder
    • Move 00010000 MLOD to the MLOD-10000 folder
    • Move 00010001 MLOD to the MLOD-10001 folder
    • Move 00000001 MODL to the MODL-00001 folder
  • It is important that each file has it's own folder because Decompile splits them into into multiple files.