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Peeping Tom
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Default MODERATOR question + update on teen prostitute challenge
Question for the mods of the site:
Can you guys maybe add a section for adult challenges? I know the stories themselves can be posted in the 'stories' section, but we don't really have a place to share our adult orientated challenges.

Update on the Teen Prostitute Challenge:
Sorry, I kinda got bogged down with coursework, but the challenge was mostly all wrote out and just needed beta players when City Living came out. Using the apartments in CL really helps with the whole "but where will they woohoo?" problem. Now they have a base of operations, as it were. It also makes the "with pimp" additional gameplay easier to manage. If anyone is still interested, anyway :P

Also, here is the original Teen Prostitute Challenge info I had mapped out before CL. If any of you want to take a look at it and let me know what parts you think I should keep vs. what parts to get rid of, please feel free to either leave a reply here, or a comment on the file itself. I will warn you that it's long, but that's mostly because I tried to break everything down the best I could, and there are a couple "additional gameplay" options~

Teen Prostitute Challenge (Sims 4) - Google Docs
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Anyone else having a problem accessing Sims 4 download section?
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