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#1 Old 4th Feb 2016 at 08:12 PM
Default Sims 4 Mods???

I am new to the SexySims community though i have used MTS before, so I'm familiar with the layout and everything. Anyways, i lost all my mods for sims 4 when my laptop broke and now that it's fixed I'm left trying to find them again. So, I'm posting here to see if any of you know where i could find the mods i had or those similar

- Controller type Mod - it was simple to download and basically you clicked on the sim and got options such as adding or taking away buffs, editing relationships, getting hidden items, adding/increasing skills, increasing or lowering grades in work or school

- Inteen/Taboo Mod - As suggested it was a mod that allowed sims that are related to do things like woohoo, kiss, and etc. There was also the option with this mod, i think it might of been an add on, for teen/YA/elders to date - there was no age restrictions

Pregnancy Mod - This Mod was able to change how many babies the sim had, fast forward the pregnancy stages, and i believe that there may of also been an option to end the pregnancy?

I'm truly thankful for anyone who bothers to reply to this post or is able to direct me to a) somewhere that might have the mods, or b) somewhere that might be able to help me find them. Thanks guys
Peeping Tom
#2 Old 5th Feb 2016 at 09:40 AM
Glad you got back up and running. All the mods you listed are now combined into one mod, the Master Controller Mod by Deaderpool on MTS.

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