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Default Tips and advices needed for create penis first time try
So,as a brand new starter,I have some questions which i could find out by doing a lot of practices or ask someone who has experience.
Right now,I have got 3d creation tools such as SIMS4 STUDIO and BLENDER,also CAS TOOLS from cmar and MILKYSHAPES
and my questions is
1.If I start with nothing, I should edit a male bottom dress then use one of these 3d mesh tools to create 3d mesh and texture right? If is not ,pls tell me where i should start
2.If I start with someone elses penis mod,but i want to totoally re-mesh and re-texture, that means i will need a package reader such as S4PE.But i dont know how to export files as .blender or right name for CAS TOOLs. Because normally , there are too many files show up, I dont know choose which one to export.
3.If I start with nothing,how will I suppose to creat a underdress look like penis and make the rest part underdress dispear? i mean i dont wanna see a penis on the underwear.(if question 1 exist )

and here is about question 2 i made a screenshot, i wanted to re mesh some uploaders work as a first time try and DONT WORRY I WILL NOT RE UPLOAD SOMEONE ELSES WORK, IT JUST FOR MY SELF GET TO KNOW WHAT IT WORKS. AND I WILL TRY TO CREAT SOMETHING ON MY OWN

this is one of the file from cmar s creation called MB cmar ym Bottom. (i was asking some stupid questions at his CAS tool form, sorry about that XD)

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