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Original Poster
#1 Old 10th Apr 2020 at 03:22 AM
Regular Clothes?
Hello All,

I have been searching all over the place for like regular clothes (ex: overall shorts) but with a tinge of nudity (ex: said overall shorts but with no shirt underneath.) I have found the example but the mesh was missing so it was unusable since the creator retired or something along those lines. I am wondering if anyone could either make at least the overall shorts with no shirt or point me in the direction of creators that have done things like this. Its super hard, at least for me, to find adult content clothing for the sims 4 that isnt horribly made or just over the top sexual clothing. I wish I had the brain power to make the clothing but I can't wrap my head around the process.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Peeping Tom
#2 Old 11th Apr 2020 at 01:37 AM
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