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Lost Virginity
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#1 Old 19th Feb 2017 at 03:17 PM
Default Not a question, Praise.
I've been kind of vocal (Sorta) about the lack of attention the site had been getting, but I want to recant. I am loving all the new uploads and traffic on the site. This, is the site I've been missing. Great work, amazing turnaround!!!!
Super Moderator
staff: super moderator
#2 Old 21st Feb 2017 at 12:19 AM
Delphy recently made me a Mod and I've been trying to keep up on the downloads area. It's actually a pretty involved process, however, once someone gets 10 successful downloads approved, they can bypass the moderation que. We can still remove downloads that don't quite measure up or suggest improvements to the posts.

I can only moderate the downloads area so if there are issues that need addressed in the forum area (name changes, trolls, spammers) You'll need to contact Delphy.
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